Bisbee is a Friendly Town

When the bright day loses it’s sharpness and the sun slips behind the Mule Mountains, dusk creeps in and  that peculiar southwest reddish/purplish/orangish/charcoalish color that painters try but rarely capture, suffuses the sky.  The darkening night begins a slow curtain-drawing reveal of the star studded sky above. Bisbee is a fantastic place for looking at stars, telescope or not, because the night air is clear and there is an absence of city-light. Those of us who come from larger cities have often forgotten the awe and pleasure of the night sky; that light shining from eons ago just reaching our eyes.

We have added a few things in our continual effort to make our Inn more comfortable.  We’ve put a few phone chargers on top of the book/dvd case in the front hall in case you have forgotten yours. There are a couple of books about the stairs of Bisbee that you may borrow, as well as a pair of trekking poles that can be useful navigating those stairs, trails, and walks. There is a small ‘library’ that has grown a bit.  If you have begun a book and haven’t finished, feel free to take it back home with you; there is not much worse than reading interruptus. Because of our limited parking (one space per room) our Tesla charger is exclusively for our guests. We do not have an electric car charger.

Bisbee is a walking town and any season is a good time to explore our many-faceted little city. In addition to wandering around the downtown, there are many trails to walk, just go to the end of one of the canyons and you’ll find one; can’t get lost if you go up, you’ll come down in town somewhere. If your preference is to stay on a main drag, just turn right out of the Inn and continue up Tombstone Canyon, the former mule trail, two miles to the top of the divide. A lovely view as houses built on the sides of the canyon are slowly revealed during your walk up. For a more encompassing view, turn left out of the Inn and go one block to the stairway beside Finders Keepers antique store. Go up the stairway, one of the nine on the Bisbee 1000 stair climb, continue up a second stairway, stop a bit and check out the very cool stone garden on the right, and continue up a third stairway to High Road-about 200 stairs altogether. Walk to the end of High Road and you will see that Bisbee is built into the juncture of two canyons; on the left is Brewery Gulch/Zacatecas Canyon and on the right is Tombstone Canyon. As you look into the distance you are looking at Mexico. Truly spectacular views. (You can also drive to the top along High Road) Then if you would like a birds-eye view of Old Bisbee, continue walking past the right side of that house behind you and you will find city trail. Go left and you will be walking above houses and looking down onto Tombstone Canyon road and the parallel crooked streets. It’s about a mile and a half, a hike not a walk. Go down any one of several side trails and emerge on Tombstone Canyon and then go downhill to the Inn. If you go right on the trail at the top of High Road, you will find yourselves in Zacatecas Canyon and on the horseshoe trail above Brewery Gulch. There are a couple of other trails going to the “B”, and the cross.

We feature Old Bisbee Roasters coffee;  organic and sustainably farmed by small farming coops in South & Central America and Africa.

Each room has a loose leaf booklet describing food, shopping, and more. Le Cornucopia Cafe, 14 Main Street, a couple blocks down canyon from the Inn is a friendly lunch spot during the week.  Brightly colored Thuy’s Noodle shop offers very good Vietnamese street food, Bisbee Breakfast Club is one mile away on Hwy 80 E. in the delightful little Lowell district; you would swear it is a movie set. Mornings Cafe is in the Warren district-distinctly different from Old Bisbee and Jimmy’s Hot Dogs brings a bit of Chicago to Bisbee.

The City of Bisbee has received several accolades in past  years; Sunset magazine has named Bisbee the West’s best small town to live and USA Today named Bisbee the Best Historic Small Town! We hope you will visit and explore our lovely place for yourself and family. It’s a wonderful small city for living, doing business, and enjoying a kind of friendly, safe, fulfilling lifestyle mostly unavailable in larger cities. While doing so, we hope you stay at our Inn.

Go to for details about events in Bisbee.

Bisbee/Art, Eat, Ride, Sleep

We can feel Winter in the air as we move into December. The second Saturday of every month is Bisbee after 5 Art Walk. Join us for the latest in gallery openings and exposure to some of the best artists in Arizona. Every weekend there is live music in four or five venues in town. In November an experience of wonder, the Sandhill Cranes return to Whitewater Draw. A half hour out of Bisbee, it is one of the those natural events that is truly awe inspiring.

The Bisbee Craft School is opening in January with workshops offered by several of Bisbee’s finest artists. Sculpture, Metalworking, Hide Tanning, Stencil design, Beginning Pastels, Classical Drawing and other classes are now open. It is a good opportunity for a short learning intensive and perhaps experience our town in a different way. Upon proof of registering in a class, we’ll knock 10% off your stay while taking the workshop. Call us for reservations.

Bisbee is a walking town and exploring the narrow streets winding through the Mule mountains is delightful as well as invigorating. Bisbee is an authentic place, in contrast to the generic cookie cutter look of current urban environments, with interesting architecture, creative landscapes, and art in surprising spaces. There are trails and walks that offer spectacular views of the surrounding area throughout the Mule mountains accessible at various points through town. One of the best is following Tombstone Canyon road to the top of the divide. About two miles from the Inn on paved road all the way to the top it is a lovely way to see some of Old Bisbee. You might even fall in love with our little town.

When we travel we check to see if the place we are staying measures up to their marketing. Often it doesn’t. We are truthful about what our rooms look like, (take the video tour for a close look at each room), scrupulous about cleanliness, and offer amenities usually found in more expensive places. We notify you when early check-in is possible because sometimes just a few hours early can turn a short trip into a feeling much longer. As noted elsewhere on the site, rooms are stocked with complimentary bottle of wine in each room and two bottles of water in each refrigerator. We even have a lil bottle of antiacids in case you have the yips at night. We’re proud of our Inn and are always open to hearing how we can make it better.

Good food always lodges in our memory banks and Cafe Roka, likely the best rural restaurant in Arizona is open for dinner Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 5-9 pm and Sundays 3-8. They are two blocks down canyon from the Inn at 35 Main St. For the holiday season Roka will be open December 17 straight through Jan 2, with the exception of Christmas night. Jazz from 5-9 on Friday nights. Go to for a sample menu and info on the restaurant. Reservations at 520 432-5153. Roka is also a wonderful place for a wedding, reception, banquet or meeting or special event. The 4 floors offer a variety of settings and can accommodate up to 150 guests.
(A disclaimer, I’ve been the beverage manager and Friday and Saturday bartender for 22 years)

Although we offer a voucher for a continental breakfast at the High Desert Market, Anna’s seasonal kitchen, right next door to us, has full breakfast options and lunch with good local ingredients. And Cornucopia Cafe, 14 Main Street, a couple blocks down canyon from the Inn offers Sunday Brunch in addition to lunch during the week. Bisbee Breakfast Club is one mile away in the delightful little Lowell district of Bisbee.