Bisbee Info

We encourage you to explore Bisbee online Bisbee Visitor’s Center has a Website with information that will aid in planning your trip to Bisbee.

Bisbee, the county seat for Cochise County, is a friendly community nestled in the Mule Mountains of Southeastern Arizona. Originally founded as a mining camp around the Copper Queen Mine, it is now a town with an eclectic population: artisans, retired miners, resettled retirees, small business owners, educators, and working folks, that melds into a yeasty social mix. There are three main districts of Bisbee; old Bisbee, Warren, and San Jose within 3 to 4 miles of each other.

Old Bisbee, founded in the 1880’s, is built in the confluence of two canyons with businesses, lodging and restaurants along the canyon floors and homes built into the canyon walls. Interconnected by a series of stairways, the back areas of Bisbee are a visual treat for those folks who take the time to walk the stairs and see what changes have been wrought in old miner shacks as well as delightful and interesting gardens and landscaping.

Warren, a district laid out somewhat along the lines of the ‘City Beautiful’ movement of the early 1900’s-a long park with residences on each side then a business district and then more housing-has a number of small arts and crafts houses as well as Sears ‘kit’ houses. The oldest continually operating ball park in Arizona is in Warren.

San Jose is the most recent area of Bisbee with long sweeping vistas looking into Mexico. The 18-hole Turquoise Valley Golf Course is located here, the oldest golf course in the state with the longest hole in the state, the 726 yard Rattler.

We are proud to be part of Bisbee’s life and heritage.

See the official City of Bisbee Website for information about the government and other city services.

The Bisbee Mining Museum is affialiated with the Smithsonian and is an incredible journey into the mining past. The Visitor Information Center is located in the museum for all local info.

While you’re in town, don’t forget to take in the Copper Queen Mine tour. Experience the mine as a miner may have in the early/mid 1900’s.